Hi there! I'm Tuomo.

This is my blog & archive on my art, design & research practice on creative use & misuse of technology.

email: tuomo (at) yatta.fi
twitter: misuser

Emps, empathic indicators is a design concept for motivational energy saving objects. ...
“Play With Us!” -concepting prototype is an interactive table with a playful interface for demonstrating the benefits of diverse compete ...
Play With Us!
Ragdoll families reproduce together in this INHERITANCE -installation. The genotype and phenotype of the new generations are calculated by g ...
Inheritance | Perimä
Playkka is a prototype for computer-enhanced table-top play. RFID readers below the table surface recognizes the RFID-tagged objects played ...
TileToy is a modular, electronic game prototype for tangible LED game tiles. TileToy brings the flexibility inherent in digital software to ...
Osasto-G, Gizmo Asylum is an installation of re-programmed electronic objects. ...
Gizmo Asylym
Mouse Labour Institute is a parody of a commercial research organisation. The goal of the project is to explore the nature of contemporary m ...
Mouse Labour
FLOAT is a locative sound installation for sea travelling. ...


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Blogging notes to self only. Back when something to say. I’m not a gadget. Find me in: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter...
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by Tuomo
Our “School” took part of ENO treeplanting day and we planted four oaks on our yard....
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by Tuomo
First experiment of routing 2D graphic with High-Z S-400 CNC mill. The line graphic was exported as generic EPS from Freehand, converted with Cenon to HPGL format which opened to WinPC-NC milling software. Some hassle was with defining machine & workpiece coordinates and the...
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by Tuomo
YATTA is a Helsinki-based concepting company with its focus on customer experience. Should you need my expertise, let's YATTA.
OHANDA, Open Source Hardware and Design Alliance, is an initiative to foster sustainable sharing of open hardware and design.
Pixelache Helsinki is a multi-disciplinary platform for developing and presenting experimental art, design and research projects.
The purpose of Alternative World Design Capital 2012 is to support and give visibility to projects that happen outside the official HWDC2012 programme.